Mass Farmers Markets (MFM) is a 501 C 3 charitable non-profit organization.
Our Mission: Mass Farmers Markets partners with farmers, consumers, and communities to improve the health of individuals, strengthen community vitality, and enhance local farm viability through farmers markets.

Mass Farmers Markets (MFM) was founded in 1978 with a partnership between the Massachusetts Department of Agricultural Resources, the University of Massachusetts Extension Service, and farmers from across the state. At that time founding members saw a renaissance of consumer, farmer, and community interest in farmers markets, but predicted correctly that municipal, state, and federal support and funding for these ventures would not sustain the movement. Today we remain the only organization working state-wide on behalf of farmers markets, the communities in which they are located, and the farmers who rely on them as a crucial source of income.

We envision a future in which small family farms and local communities thrive because a significant percentage of residents have access to and choose to consume local food whenever possible. We believe that consumers should know the people who grow their food, and that when they do, our communities, both rural and urban are strengthened. We know that a strong connection between our state’s consumers and producers contributes to a healthy society in three important arenas: family nutrition and food security, agricultural viability and open space preservation, and the economic and social revitalization of neighborhoods.

What We Do

Three Managed Markets Training & Support Programs & Projects
Copley Square Market, Boston May 11 - Nov. 20 Tue. & Fri. 11am - 6pm
Central Square Market, Cambridge May 14 - Nov. 19 Mondays noon - 6pm
Davis Square Market, Somerville May 16 - Nov. 21 Wednesdays Noon - 6pm

  • The go-to organization for support of current and future farmers markets

  • The go-to organization for manager training

  • Over 35 years of work and data to help implement and sustain farmers markets

  • Manage the coupon redemption process for the state’s WIC and Senior Farmers Market Nutrition Programs

  • Provide educational opportunities at farmers markets to increase understanding of and exposure to local fruits, vegetables, and foods

  • Work to improve outreach to increase SNAP shoppers at farmers markets

  • Collaborate with partners to educate about the health benefits of farmers markets


Strategic Plan


Enhance the farmers market system in Massachusetts to connect more individuals to local and healthy food and to support local agriculture.

Mass Farmers Market's 5 Year Strategic Plan

Contact Info

We encourage you to contact Mass Farmers Markets with any questions, suggestions or feedback about our services. You can also send us recipes, pictures or any ideas you think would improve our website.